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    Natureways: Drones used in managing elephants

    @Mwalimu-G there is nothing we can borrow. Really. Kwanza tutakula pesa ya drones,tupatie ndugu zetu na marafiki tender ya kuleta drones,snitch on the snitchy neighbours...generally this can not kill the Kenyanness in us.
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    Nawesa Jenga nyumba design hii ama @randy atadai uwongo?
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    Rt. Hon Raila Amolo Odinga the 5th President

    I thought Moreturi is the Mt Kenya loudspeaker
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    Harun Aydin

    The most important one if I may say so myself...
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    Tokyo Olympics

    In case you missed it...
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    Leverage: Redemption (series)

    That neega who replaced Nathan hakai kujua anachotaka... From Oscar winning actor that is moí
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    Harun Aydin

    Tower of Babel right there...
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    Harun Aydin

    Right of reply exercised. But exercised in a 'we dare you' stance...
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    Ama ni vumbi?

    Mombasa Rd and Waiyaki Way have made me strong. There is nothing I can not stand these days....
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    Lost on Transit

    @JazzMan uko na Ile gif ya msee akipass point a million miles away?
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    The Mountain Mnapenda Soup Sana

    Alafu adai cooked in a grill microwave induction oven...😉
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    Tumetoka mbali

    All I remember is earning the wrath of an entire girs' school for calling their Ford truck a bone shaker. Maneno ilifika mpaka staffrooms za shule zote mbili. I was unofficially declared a persona non grata in that school.
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    The Mountain Mnapenda Soup Sana

    Marisa sisi na njaa nanii...isorait.
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    Harun Aydin

    Issued only a month ago and already hobnobbing with specific rich and mighty... Artur anyone? Turkey,Kenya and mamlukis are intimately intertwined.
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    Lost on Transit

    Watu hawaelewi lugha.