The scumbag known as Magoha

Denis Young

Chief Lister
The fact that Uhuru is trying to steal a page from Ruto's play book just tells you what a clueless politician he is.
No wonder why the country has been going to hell. Alikuwa anapangwa na Dr. Ruto ata si mamake. My eyes have been opened.


Chief Lister
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Recall the scumbag known as Magoha saying no fees should be paid, well well we'll. Mista Gavament apologist @Mwalimu-G what say you
stop putting words in his mouth.

the next statement from him will be like this one for the school reopening.

But the CS hinted that learners who are still at home may take longer to return to school, noting no dates were given.

“That date of October 26 belonged to the media. What we said is that we were going to monitor how everything is going and shall make an announcement in consultation with the Interior and Health ministries.”

“We are auditing processes that took place over the last two weeks. Any decision to be made will be based on facts. Nobody is thinking of closing schools again and nobody is thinking of rushing to reopen the others.”