jowies relationship ends in premium tears

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New Lister
Celebrity murder suspect, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, has broken up with his pretty girlfriend, Ella.

Ella, who was speaking to blogger Edgar Obare, confirmed that their hyped relationship which grabbed showbiz headlines ended in December last year.

She further revealed that she faked marriage with Jowie so as to protect him in the ongoing murder case.

Ella said that Jowie’s bail terms indicated that he should stay within his location and since he had no permanent residence in Nairobi, the court ordered him to move to his parents’ home in Nakuru.

Fearing that he might violate the bail terms, Jowie and Ella faked marriage to enable him to stay at her house in Nairobi.


Elder Lister
Kua nyuma ni mbaya, Yani jowie and maribe called it quits? Eggmans poems did the trick ama? Na sasa si ame violate bail terms zake if they faked marriage with ella? Last i saw jowie, he had a gospel song on the airwaves.

Jowie, Being at the crime scene where a young lady was tied up and her throat slit, huyu alifaa aoze ndani till kingdom come.