YT2 in the house.


Chief Lister
Alianza vizuri, sasa ni kukubali wakora wote...

Why am I lying to myself, hakuna mahali hakuna wakora, kwanza ODM kuanzia kwa kilele ni usaliti na ukora tupu. Kura kwa Rueben Kigame.
Jeanious. Just like Langata primarily school for the powerful, rich and proactively poor?

So proactively poor that they bring wheelbarrows on their V8 vehicles only so that poor peasants can carry them back on the same wheelbarrows, to their V8 cars.


Elder Lister
Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu officially received by Secretary General Veronica Maina at the party's headquarters.

Mr Waititu vowed to advocate for the party's bottom-up economic model plan at the grassroots.
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More votes from the mountain just disappeared from the UDA ballot box.
For yt2 it is a no no in the grass roots


Chief Lister
Upus. Even kwa wedding watu wanasema till death do us part and then they divorce after 2yrs. Politics is dynamic just like marriage. Bibi akimea pembe you throw her out. Deputi akimea pembe you also throw him out.
Don't forget these are legal part in these setups