Wazungu ni wajinga sana...


Elder Lister
...ati ndundiro ni pudding :D !

John Bowes describes a ceremony where an animal was sacrificed to god Ngai.

“...went out into one of the “sacred groves” in the bush, taking with them a sheep ...the blood caught in a calabash and put on one side. A sort of wooden gridiron was then made, by planting four upright sticks in the ground and laying others across them, under which a fire was lighted and the sheep having by this time been cut up, was roasted on this side... blood was put into the stomach to make a sort of black-pudding, which was then roasted and eaten after the meat. The meat was eaten in the Abyssinian fashion, each man taking up the joint and biting hold of as much as he could get into his mouth the mouthful then being severed from the joint with his sword and the joint passed on to his neighbour, who did the same.”