New Lister
Sometimes back I visited one of my friends. We grew up together and his dream had always been to become a journalist.

Now he’s a journalist but the reality, I suspect had set in for him, he doesn’t sound as if he loves his job.

More so, money doesn’t come as much as everyone thought journalists should have, so he was considering doing something else.

Since he knows me to be an entrepreneur, he wanted my advice to which I generously gave by showing him how he could start an online business the same day we met.

Unfortunately, he didn’t follow my advice, and I’m sure 99% of the people who will read this article will do nothing about it, but 1% is worth working with.

I love business. I started my first major business at age 15. Nothing has made me high as much as creating and selling things, concept or an idea.

Business is my life. But I also teach business and make money doing so.

If today I was a medical doctor, guess what I will be doing? I will be online giving people medical advice.

If today I was a soldier, imagine what I will be doing? I will be online teaching people about personal security and maybe warfare if the army policies allow me.

If today I was a musician, I will be online teaching people how to compose songs, perform on stage etc.

What if I am a teacher? Well, I know a lot of people on YouTube making thousands of dollars by teaching people English, Economics, Geography, etc.

What if the only thing I know how to do is to draw an object? Well, search YouTube for DP Art drawing. What the lady does is to draw for you to see. As at the time of writing this article, she has 533,000 subscribers. Think about that for a minute.

I don’t know any law in the world which says it’s a crime to teach others what you know. What I know instead is that if truly you know something, you will love talking about it and you might even like teaching other people and what is as sweet as making money helping others while you do what you love?

I mean, it is a win-win situation. My business articles and trainings have been read by millions of people.

Yes, most of these people will just read and move on, but a tiny percentage of them change their lives just because I share my thoughts with them.

How else can anyone contribute in a little way to the world? Yet, you can make money doing so, and you can even start in the next 5 minutes.

It only takes about 30 seconds to open a YouTube channel, about one or two minutes to open other social media channels, about 2 days to create a website or blog and that’s it.

I met a guy sometimes ago who told me about his attempts on the internet. This guy posted like two or three videos on YouTube, and because nobody watched them, he stopped posting.

When I started blogging years ago, I had to sacrifice a year before I started making money, reasonable money, I mean.

Today I see a lot of people who get discouraged simply because they have tried one or two things on the internet and failed.

If success is as easy as ask-and-get, why are there only a few people who get it?

If everyone who tries something can get results in three months, why won’t everyone become successful?

But I know what is going on here.

Most people are products of school and in school, you were never taught how to fight. You were only taught how to get grades and get jobs then get paid forever.

Nothing in school teaches you how to work for free, for a long time and that’s why someone will tell me that they started a business six months ago and because they have not been making a lot of money they want to give up.

By far, the greatest things that have ever happened to me happened after I started. Start and decide never to look back.

Yes, you will make some silly mistakes, but they won’t matter after you have succeeded.

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Online writing has come as a blessing in disguise as it provides employment to most of the Kenyan unemployed youth.

About 50,000 graduates are churned out of public and private universities in Kenya every year piling into the number of unemployed youths in the country.

With a growing young population and the value attached to university education for a better life, most Kenyans join universities with an intention of getting an academic qualification that can land them a good job. The reality however, is quite different.

According to Kenya Bureau of Statistics, it takes a Kenyan university graduate an average of five years to secure a job in Kenya today.

After their study, most of the graduates move to the city where grass is deemed to be greener, before they are hit hard with the high rates of employment.

In the face of a weak economic growth, there has been a fervent call for university graduates to become entrepreneurs rather than seek employment.