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I'm in a group with some very respectable individuals and i can't believe some of them can fall for this bullshit, how can i tell them the truth without being disrespectful.

Cancer Defeated

Pineapple hot water
Please spread the word!! Please spread the word!!
ICBS General Hospital Professor Dr. Gilbert A. Kwok insisted that if everyone who received this bulletin could take ten copies to others, at least one life would be saved.
I have done some on my part, hope you can too..
Pineapple hot water will save your life
Hot pineapple kills cancer cells.
Thinly slice 2 to 3 pieces of pineapple in a cup and add hot water, it will be "alkaline water", if you drink it daily, it is good for everyone.
Hot pineapple releases anti-cancer substances, the latest advancement in medicine for effective cancer treatment.
The warm fruit of pineapple has the effect of killing cysts and tumors. It has been proven to cure all types of cancer.
Pineapple hot water clears all the germs and toxins from the body due to allergies/allergies.
A drug derived from pineapple juice only destroys violent cells and does not affect healthy cells.
Also, the amino acids and pineapple polyphenols in pineapple juice can control high blood pressure, prevent blockage of internal blood vessels, improve blood circulation and reduce blood clotting.
After reading, tell others, family, friends, take care of your health.

Send this message to at least five groups
some will not send
But I hope you will definitely send it


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