Told you Mazda aren't playing games

Denis Young

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He he he,yenyewe mlionekaniwa, saa zile natafutia Mzee @Abba pickup ya 80k na amekaa kwa hii dunia miaka 75
Haha...I will quote Samoei. A good man leaves an inheritance for their children. If it wasn't for the hardwork of my grandfather, hii mali haingekuwa. My mzee has equally done a good job.

In the meantime, my innovation has created another source of wealth without having to touch what mzee has earned.

I pray we, the current generation can do an exemplary job so that your kids and their kids can be appreciating ancestor Mongrel in the future senate. Amen.


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CVT is good on fuel economy but has short servicing intervals and you have to use a specific cvtf as per manufacturer.To get the best out of the gearbox you will be servicing after approximately 30,000 Kms .Also CVT haipendi harsh acceleration.
On some scenarios usipo change oil gari ukiitega na kitu kama cabro ya 100mm haiwezi ruka .Ata kutoka Kwa ile basement parking ya Lifestyle is a challenge .
I know someone who had to replace the gearbox maajuzi tu coz of wrong oil or whatever they put in these new hybrid CVT thingies. Guy took a 300K hit bana


What I know is that it is delicate, but effective if taken care of.
I also see people in Nissan group complain of overheating after extended driving, making the vehicle switch to limp mode.

All in all, it seems like the new normal for gearboxes. Sisi watu wa manual tuko chonjo
For the Nissan issue installing an aftermarket oil cooler sorts put the problem . Mazda is the only company that is improving automatic instead of jumping to CVT and DCT .


Alafu watu 3000cc plus mjipange the new engine that will rule is a 2000cc ,mzoeei mapema .If you doubt check Subaru ,Volvo and Mercedes current lineup .
The sweet spot is 500cc per cylinder