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*Tears of Marriage*

*Part 21*

*Date: 22/04/2020*

My heart was in my hand when the knob turned and the door opened. I came fac to face with my wife. From the look on her face, I sensed danger. I had received her slap earlier and I didn't want to get a second one. I waited for her to usher me in or maybe burst out. She didn't, instead she stared at me with tears filled eyes. U didn't know why she was crying. I felt like hugging her and wipe away the tears that rolled down her cheeks but how could I start? How could I do it when I knew she was a good actress? " Greg, who bled in your car and why didn't you inform me that you had an accident?" She finally broke the silence. "Am sorry my love, I have not been involved in an accident. I helped my colleague to the hospital." I replied honestly. I didn't want to lie to her for I knew the truth would set me free. "Who was he if I may ask." She asked stressing the he in her question. With that , I knew trouble was cooking if I ever mentioned a she as the person I took to the hospital. I went silent for some time giving her time to cool down. I wanted to know how she would react to the news that I took Chelagat to he hospital. "My dear she is my colleague at work." The moment I said this, her madness exploded. "Greg, don't tell me it was your harlot Chelagat because you will not like it in this house." She yelled. She was right. But how do I tell her that I took her to the hospital because she was bleeding from an miscarriage? Before I could explain to her, Chelagat called me. I looked at my phone them my wife. I picked the call and put her on loud speaker. "Hi my dear." She greeted me. My wife almost snatched my phone from me but I managed to keep her away. I just wanted her to know the truth so that she can stop thinking that I have an affair with Chelagat. "Hi too Chela, hope you are well." I replied. "Am better Greg, I swear Sharon is lucky to have such a caring husband." "Thank you for the compliment Chela. I thank God for everything." I replied. "Thank you for saving my life Greg, your actions have made me love you more.... I wish..." She was still talking when I felt a sharp pain on my forehead. My wife hit me with a cooking stick. I didn't see her pick it up from the rack. My phone went off. " I knew it, I knew you have been sleeping around with that bitch. Today you will know me." She yelled. I just stood there and looked at her. Rage accumulating in my heart. For sure, I had never bleeped another woman since marrying her. I was getting fade up. This drama was too much. For once I felt like crying. I made a wrong choice. I could have listed to my sister but it's now too late. With two children, I cannot divorce her above all, I could not imagine living without her. I loved Sharon and she was my wife. Does she really love me? "Greg am tired of this marriage, am tired of staying with a man who sleeps around with other women and can't even satisfy me in bed." Her statement touched my heart, I had never known that my wife isn't satisfied in bed. When I married her, she seemed comfortable with everything we did between the sheets. "Am sorry darling..." I tried to explain but she cut me short. "Sorry yourself and your women you sleep around with. But remember what a man can do a woman can do better." She said and left for the bedroom. I stood there for almost twenty minutes thinking. What should I do? Accept Fidelis' proposal? Call her dad.....

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