TBT - Kenyan Number Plates


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Hehe they look boring...... Atleast to my uncle who went to some Overseas country for studies, made some money managed to buy and ship a nice and unique Peugeot 5O5 GL station wagon, it was Auto....

The number plates were great!

He paid for the luxury of having them for almost three years mpaka akainua mikono.


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@mzeiya flani kama hukumbuki siku za kid rose, highland rescue, immature, lips etc etc za buru,

Kwenda ukae pale--------------------->>>>>>>>>>> Pale.

Last warning.
Let me show you enzi zetu.
From the red machine

to Sonko's basi ya goro


and my ultimate favourite during hizo enzi ya 05-08, Brain Child.

They just don't make em like they used to...

Mzaee wa mine alikuwa hii industry and I can tell you, it's not for the fainthearted


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We have the ugliest number-plates in the World.
At least we have the flashiest public transport means in the World too kikikiii. Pic below was taken by a childhood friend way back after tumemaliza seco
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They are ugly, crude, not reflective, already beat up when you receive them as new and they don't even conform to the sizing of plate placement slot provided by most car manufacturers.