Sonko anatubeba aje?


Chief Lister
....and at the end of the day partake some strong whiskey, pull out your phone and spew all manner of filth on social Sunday usisahau kuweka post ya Bible verse.

Shenji yeye.


Chief Lister
He stole. Not his own original sentiments. He must have heard those words from one of the big minds that he interacts with in his office or the numerous youth seminars because of his position in politics and leadership.
Fuck the messenger, did you get the message?

Da Vinci

Elder Lister
Fuck the messenger, did you get the message?
There’s a time, very long time ago, in the streets of this very village..., OK, the other original Klist, where almost all of us migrated from,... Anyway, in that village, plagiarism was an unforgivable blasphemy.
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