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There’s no crime in starting small. Most businesses start small. Often, the mistake is staying small and ignoring possibilities for growth.

Many African businesses remain small all through the lifetime of the founder. And I think one key reason for this is most founders think small.

What stops that small corner shop from becoming a national or international franchise?

Why can’t that popular neighborhood product or service that you provide become a global brand?

To my mind, small thinking undermines the possibilities and potential of many businesses in Africa.

If only we knew how truly big some of our local products and services could truly become, most African founders would test the limits of their vision and challenge themselves more.

By thinking big, the possible lifespan of your business automatically increases. Growth and expansion is an objective that could take several generations to accomplish, and embracing this fact can eliminate shortsightedness and increase your horizon of possibilities.

The best part: thinking small – like thinking big – costs nothing. It’s absolutely free!

Starting small isn`t the same as thinking small.

That you are planning to start a small business doesn`t mean you must think small. Every today giant business started small.

Coca Cola started selling cola drink without any bottle, without any can and without any packaging. You would have to go and buy cola drink with your cup or jug. That was odd, isn`t it?

Google started in a garage. Facebook started in a room. Just name that big business and you will probably see it began so small.

But the owners of today`s big companies never thought small.

If you think small, you will remain small.

Always think of growth. Always think of expansion. Always think like a giant, even as you`re just starting that business in a little way.

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Are you at a time in your business when it feels like you have hit a ceiling?

Some businesses grow up to a certain level and then just stop. In such circumstances, you may notice that your sales are not increasing; no matter how hard you try.

This often doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your business; you just need to think differently.

Economists and marketing experts like to call it ‘market saturation’, a term which means that the demand and potential customers for your products or services may have reached their limits within your area.


Corner shop going regional or national might not be easy since there is another one at the next corner. Expansion only comes when you think of a different model of doing business or particular products that are exclusive or if you get exclusive prices from the manufacturer.