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Elder Lister
Please help me understand this estimate from KRA.what amount should I pay them?

Current Retail Selling Price(CRSP)Kes 2,231,824.00
Customs Value/CIFKes 1,046,648.50
Depriciation Value15% Depreciation
Import DutyKes 261,662.12
Excise ValueKes 10,000.00
VAT ValueKes 210,929.70
Total TaxesKes 482,591.82
Import Licence (IDF fee)Kes 0.00
Railways Development LevyKes 20,932.97
Total Taxes and LeviesKes 503,524.79

This result is only a guideline. Please note that it does not include Registration Fees, Port Charges and Maritime Levy or consider Drive Configuration, Fuel, Mode of Transmission or any other enhancements.