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Safaricom - Pixel eSim Support .


December 2019 I replaced my Nokia 5 with a Xiaomi Mi A3 64GB .But as time went by Xiaomi changed from an awesome company to a confused house.The software upgrades for Mi A3 were as risky as dry fry escapades.Earlier this year an update messed up the phone and I was almost mteja 50% of the time .I decided to retire it and my biggest challenge was getting a replacement with almost similar spec but at shoe string budget . Anything Helio /Mediachieth was out of my list .
Nikaingia eBay and participated in an auction for a pixel 3A .This specific model is almost similar to Mi A3 .Total cost including shipping was around USD 83 .With Pixel 3a or later Pixel phone, you can use two SIMs: one physical SIM card and one eSIM. You can choose which SIM to use for which action, like messaging or calling. Google wanaiita Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS).
After simu kufika (Kentex Cargo walicheza kama wao) nikapitia Safaricom and replaced my SIM and got eSim voucher .The guys at Safaricom were not sure it would work Infact initially walikuwa wamekataa kuniuzia but I told the rep if the eSim thing would fail I would cater for the cost to revert back to physical SIM bila kusumbua.
.Luckily all went well and I ended up with a dual SIM with The poor man's network (Airtel) occupying the physical SIM slot .So far I haven't experienced any challenges .
Next time you want a dual SIM phone with "clean android" look for a pixel ideally from pixel 4 or newer .
FYI - Google seem to have killed the android one project that used to have fantastic phones that had a standard interface across manufacturers .

In honour of @Wa_MaTukTuk let me cleanse your eyes with Piaggio hybrid .