Purple the Boy

Purple Lord

Senior Lister
...had always believed in the undeniable magnetism of the Disney love story....

The blue curtains parted with a flourish symbolic of a new tale to reveal the rather polished political caste system scene topped by the majestic indomitable castle alive with music and bright lights only dulled by the tantalizing aromas emanating from within. Laughter could be heard from within as the inhabitants made merry under a starry dusk, lewd jokes and slurry tones suggesting the mental theme of the night. Further away from the party stood a formidable stone wall that communicated an inherited unwillingness to allow the opulence that lay within her embrace to the decadence without.

The decadence without had an inverse relationship with the castle in terms of the populace, and for starters the amount of pork roast on the table. The boy, having grown without could hardly process the sense in making merry. His trade as a barber hadn't bestowed any favor upon him, yet it was a family tradition that his aunt saw fit to drum into his head the dire consequences should he depart from the path. This evening was no different from the previous, the customers had only changed slight details in their stories meant to acquire credit, of course with no intention of ever making good on their word.

He closed shop and stood back gazing thoughtfully at the lopsided sign, the land Lord had said he would get to it soon but he had grown to like the sign as is. He looked at his sides at the other business owners and thought what a sorry lot they all were. He looked at his worn palms and smiled at the lie wrapped around his finger, the gold band that his aunt had swore would cement his place as a good and respected mam in the society.

Only now did he truly understand what a distraction it was, and in his heart he swore to keep vigil, that he wouldn't be so easily swayed into chasing the wind. He turned around and headed to the top of a hill that had quite the view on the valley his hometown had chosen as it's territory, and stood beneathe a tree and for a long time watched the castle. He watched and watched the castle and his mind lost track of time and soon enough he got lost in thought, he imagined himself becoming lighter and without form and he could feel the cold of the wind through to his bones. He could see the sword in a sheathe and feel the steel undershirt that was worn by an aching back, and even now to his surprise his view changed, he was no longer standing on the hill his hands behind his back, he was now a guard standing in the looming castle, a menacing spear in hand and a sturdy shield in his other hand and the wafting scent of rich food much much closer.