Chief Lister
Man U fans can gloat over topping the table..sisi kama Livaa will deliver the coup de grâce on Sunday
its amazing we are top, nut if the season ends and we don't win, it wont be disappointing.
finishing in the top 4 will be great for us. we are building a team and we would have to be lucky to win the Title this season.

it will def go down to Liverpool and Man City but surprises can happen.

wacha tungoje Sunday. ( but naona mta tuchapa vile City walituchapa Carabao juzi)


Chief Lister
hapo si labda muuze team yote plus stadium ndio mu afford :):):)
His current contract has just one year left. We can offer him crazy wages akuje saree kama Willian though that hasn't turned out well. Pogba na Partey pale katikati, tunafanya Invincibles 2.0