Power and privilege are temporary: Choices, actually, and comeuppance.


Chief Lister
Case study: a Bonobo cum Former Senetor: Lucy Gichuhi

1. Kenyan-Australian for SA Senator Lucy Gichuhi made a name for herself bashing Welfare recipients especially refugees. She was the the immigrant who spoke against other immigrants. Her maiden speech in Canberra included words like "welfare traps, citizenship is not a right..".

2. In her short stint in the Australian Senate, she became infamous for saying that her 200K$ salary was "a lot of money" and for billing the Australian taxpayer to fly her family to Canberra for her 50th birthday party. It was actually her 55th.

3. But as a good accountant, she had "deducted 10 percent off your own age — if you want to!”. This came after a furore on her for billing Australians 12K$ to fly to Sydney, when her constituency was in South Australia.

4. Tweet 2 should have read "NOT a lot of money". Lucy Gichuhi became a tool used by those who were against immigration to rail against multiculturalism in Australia. She was the "hardworking, deserving immigrant" while others were not.

5. Lucy did nothing to improve the welfare of African immigrants in Australia. Her callous opportunism still leaves a bitter taste in the Australian African communities, especially the refugees, whose welfare under the Liberals have deteriorated.

6. Late last month, Lucy Gichuhi lost her daughter, sadly. Her family created a GoFundMe appeal to request people to donate $30,000 (Sh3.3 Million) to repatriate her daughter's body for interment in their Kenyan ancestral home. The family only managed to raise about 500$ (41K)

7. The family will inter their daughter in Adelaide, having failed to raise the funds to repatriate her. May she rest peacefully and may the family find peace. Power is fleeting, those you rail against may soon be the ones you run to for shelter. We must learn this lesson.