Pele will be buried at the world’s tallest cemetery


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Football legend Pele will be buried at the Memorial Necrópole Ecumênica on January 3. The Memorial Necropole Ecumenica, in Santos, is a 14-storey tall and unique cemetery, occupying an area of 1.8 acres. It contains about 16,000 graves. The private ceremony will be attended by just Pele's family and his remains will occupy the ninth floor of a vertical cemetery as a tribute to his father, who wore no.9 during his professional career as a footballer.


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Waafrika tu ndio hununua shamba with the sole plan that wakikufa wazikwe huko and not kwa cemetery
Wacha nibuy urn alafu ni book cremation. Niandike will vile ashes zitakua distributed. Nalipa law firm kuenforce hii too the letter. Siblings wanapata 100gms each