Pauline's take: Kutafutia wadosi vyeo


Elder Lister
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"In 2018 when Uhuru said that we should find a win-win solution in order to build a united country, and avoid a situation where the winner takes it all, he was demonized especially by his own people in Mt. Kenya. Now, Ruto has said the exact thing in Homabay today. "
What was he uniting when he was destroying jubilee and alienating other leaders and jailing them on Fridays just to intimidate them, uhuru himself avoided even visiting mt kenya out of shame


Elder Lister
Was joho clean when uhuru supported him? Was orengo clean when in azimio?
No, not clean from what I can tell. I'm especially disappointed about Orengo because he played a significant role in the 2nd liberation struggle. The real crisis in Kenya and sub Saharan Africa is grand corruption. What we need is to follow the example of the East and punish corruption within the political ranks.

Uhuru's govt arresting politicians was a step in the right direction, but it was disappointing when the cases collapsed due to entrenched bureaucratic shenanigans.