Netflix went too far with Cuties, they should be punished for this, boycott netflix


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You just increased traffic towards it. You of all people should know, posting such things popularises them, as we have curious minds who will go search to see what the fuss is about.
Somethings you see and stop the chain at you.


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I'm really considering cancelling my account coz another annoying thing is that most of the great shows and movies are geo-blocked

Ngima ya Mûhîa

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The western society is now pushing for normalizing paedophilia after their great success in advocating for homosexuality and lesbianism. After that they will start campaigning for beastiality.


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there is a lso a debate on how its okay for kids to perform sexualized acts in talent shows (America/Britain..... got talent), while its offensive for Netflix to have this movie?


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What was the reasoning behind this movie btw. I saw a Facebook group titled fans of cuties or something like that. Made up mostly of old white dudes.