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As a lastborn, Lawrence Nduru was born of the last wife(ngatha) Mary Gathoni married to James Ng'ang'a in a typical Kikuyu polygamous family of eight wive.
1940 would be the year that ushered in a Kikuyu legendary figure; Lawrence Nduru was born in Ndeiya on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, a location known for hardships varying from cattle rustling, severe droughts; which even prompted the colonial government to cushion residents with relief food and still it's black history as its home to numerous mass graves of Mau Mau heroes who were tortured killed and buried in the same area.
Nduru vividly pays homage to his cradle in his mega hit song 'Ndaciariirwo Ndeiya’;
"Ndaciariirwo gwitu Ndeiya, Kanyumba-ini ka ruthiru, mucii wari handu karui-ini, gatagatati-ini Wa irima(rift valley) kundu kwari na muthanga, gutangirimika, twaciaritwo turi atatu, ni nií ndari Wa Kihinga nda"
Nduru was born in a poor family further oppressed by the colonial rule, to make ends met, his two older brothers joined forces with their parents on manual jobs, the young Nduru was left back home shepherding their few sheep's and goats until later when his siblings saw it wise the promising young boy attend elementary school, their deplorable lifestyle didn't prevent the making of a star in the near future.
Nduru started his musical journey in 1968 where he joined Kikuyu's icons of the moment; Francis Rugwiti, Joseph Kamaru and the newbie DK Wa Maria, it was the start of an incredible voyage.
With pioneering records such as Nyamwathi, Kindu No Mwene, Mugo Wa Kibiru and Ngai Wa Gikuyu Nduru started claiming his slot in the Benga's Hall Of Fame early enough, by then he was working with Mercury records which came up with the incredible tunes as, Gukura Ti Kurwara, Niacoka amongst other hits, Sawa Sawa Sound label also produced some if his best hits including 'Niaturukia, Irimu Ria Nyambugi, Iiiii Nindoka and others in that catalogue.
Nduru as released records under DK Undugu Sounds and Kamaru Celina Band.
As industrious Nduru was, he crafted his own band in order to streamline his career, he joined forces with the talented Joseph Gicheha and S. Wambui to form the legendary Rift Valley Brothers Band and also their own private label Mu Africa around 1978, they meant business,
The dynamic group went on a recording spree releasing 98 vinyls!
The Rift Valley band which is hailed as the first professionally managed band in the country was actually a trendsetter in Kikuyu music scene providing a benchmark for many other bands to come, Nduru would hint to Kamaru on taking music professionally an idea they hatched together that saw the rise of the iconic Kamaru Super Sounds and the City Sounds; In gratitude and tribute, Joseph Kamaru saluted Nduru in his 1988 album having the "Miti Ya Gikuyu" sequel
“Nduru Wa Gathoni ndi mwitaga kioni wa nyoneire...ni anyoneire!”
Just as his music career was booming, Lawrence Nduru's life ended tragically aged just 46 years; prior to his dreath, Nduru hit his head against a drawer causing a severe blood clot and was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital where he breathed his last on 18th November 1986 and was buried at his home in Nacuu in Ndeiya on 25th November the same year.
We have made a digital copy of his biography available at YouTube via
Which is your favorite tune by Lawrence Nduru?
personal favorites are
Kaba Nyume Kindu
Mikora Ya Ahiki
Nduru took his last breathe on 18th Day Of November 1986 at 6:30 Am, with a career spanning only 18 years,
Continue Resting In Peace Nduru Wa Gathoni
An Obituary Of The Legend appearing on Dailies in 1986


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