makeshift bridge used to intercross Kiambu and Murang'a counties collapses


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Residents of Soya (Ngoliba/Gitwamba/Mavoloni) are being forced to wade through the crocodile infested waters of Thika River after the makeshift bridge used to intercross Kiambu and Murang'a counties collapsed.



sawa but CDF? county roles? shida kubwa ya kenya ni middle class using money or debt money to fund social services yet they pay taxes and can't demand for accountability from their local rep.
I used to think the same way too but nime realise depending on the county govt / govt to resolve some issues takes many years .Most of the county governments are operating on a hand to mouth basis .Very little is there for development so raiya inateseka until inaamua iungane ijenge .
Early last year the main roads within our area were graded and some quarry chips were compacted but the county government haikuwa imeplan mambo ya drainage .We have been following up ndio tupate culverts and it's almost one year now .Some places are almost impassable now due to lack of proper drainage .


Chief Lister
If it's a county border both counties should share the construction expenses. County units as envisaged in the constitution are perfect, the governor's are not.