Let's all get vaccinated


Chief Lister
Totally agree with Baba on this one.
I was hesitant at the beginning but watching my favourite sports teams and pop culture icons go ahead with life as usual as a result of getting vaxxed made me think otherwise and can't wait for my 2nd Moderna shot.

Those conspiracies are absolute bollocks.

Tiiga Waana

Chief Lister
Already registered. Going for mine too.

I went for my second jab the last week of July and what I witnessed that day will remain in my memory for a long time to come.

My objective in writing this is not to scare you @It's Me Scumbag or even, God forbid, lend credence to @Ngimanene na Muchere”s scaremongering and conspiracy theories but merely to put on record what transpired for posterity.

This incident happened inside the village hall as we were queuing up to the vaccination station. A chubby obese Asian Guy, who by the way is the protagonist of this narrative, very nearly expired in our very presence.
He was three places ahead of me and I recall clearly as his turn came and he took the seat and rolled up his sleeves exposing his upper arm for the ritual at hand, so to speak.
No sooner had the needle met the skin and the dosage mwagwad ndani than the Guy involuntarily let out a sharp mournful shriek and collapsed in a heap like a bag of potatoes.
On hitting the floor and that with a loud thud, the Guy started foaming in the mouth, mumbling some unintelligible words and then proceeded to guikia thari vigorously to the extent that one of his shoes came off his foot at high velocity and missed my face by the skin of my teeth!

I have never witnessed the commotion and panic that ensued as the medics abandoned everything and rushed to attend to the Guy.
The people who were waiting to be vaccinated took to their heels in a helter skelter fashion towards the Exit. I very nearly got trampled under their feet at the doors Banae.
We all assembled outside at the car park shunguliaring what was happening to our Guy from a safe distance. After about ten minutes the Guy was stabilised and was walked outside by two Medics into an Ambulance.
People refused to go back to the Hall for vaccination and went their different ways.
It was only a week later that I summoned enough courage to go back for the now dreaded vaccine.

I am sure @It's Me Scumbag yours will proceed smoothly uneventfully and without any drama. Good luck.