Kenyanlist referral program


What is a referral?
A referral is a person you have referred (invited) to join our community.

What is a referral link?
A referral link is a link to our community that contains your unique member ID. You can use your referral link to invite others to register. Send them your link and when they register, they will automatically become your referrals.You can obtain your referral link by visiting this page: You can also generate a referral link that points one of our community pages e.g threads or posts, this can be used to share some interesting content on other platforms like whatsapp or telegram, users who use this link to view the content and later register will become your referrals.

How does the referring process work?
When someone visits us via your referral link, a cookie containing your unique member ID will be placed in the visitor's browser and when that visitor registers, automatically becomes your referral.

What is the reward for referring a person?
When someone you have referred registers and posts 5 message you are awarded 10 KCr. Each referral earns you 10 KCr, these can be redeemed for airtime or transferred to another registered member of our community.
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Denis Young

Chief Lister
Hiddiamin...this is nonsense and you know it. Grow organically through social media leads otherwise kutajaa umeffi huku very soon.


Niga! You should be telling us how that came to be!

Getting more KCr.
How come a new member with 3 posts has KCr
It's clearly documented here:
Right now the community is in the bootstrap/taking off stage it's good to set some low hanging milestones to encourage uptake, later this will be adjusted to require more effort in order to achieve these milestones.