KDF Chopper crash lands


Chief Lister
Hii ni NGORI joh!....
Yaani wakenya hawawezi fanya social distancing na helicopter inamwaga ngata?..
Na jee ikilimbuka?..


Chief Lister
Do these machine
Do these machines have parachutes ?


Chief Lister
Hiyo kiatu ni standard issue kweli? Alafu hizo vitu zinakaa packaging za weave zilikuwa zinafanya nini ndani ya ndege? Let's keep the discussion irrelevant please.


Chief Lister
whats wrong with this kenyan Choppers nowdays.Its just less than a month when the other one also crash landed.
There is a very big difference between kenya police force and Kenya Defence Forces. The one that crash landed the other day was a police chopper, this is KDF, specifically Kenya Army.

At one time or another, a chopper may experience mechanical failure and come down hard. This doesn't mean KDF is incompetent.

This is the only MD500 crash in recent history for machines that date back to the late 70's-early 80's. For them to have survived this long is testament to the maintenance they have been undergoing since then.