I'm inclined to Agree with this Church's stand

It's Me Scumbag

Chief Lister
That's responsible! Kudos. I'm not overly religious, but that's a message of love. That's deeply caring.
They are thoughtful of the circumstances and very sober at their decision.
The other biashara churches are busy bugging the govt to reopen. And now it's open.
Yeah yeah bra bra bra... Until 'we remain in intercession on your behalf...'
Nigas be blocking your access to ya god. Wakwende na hiyo fake concern


Chief Lister
The general message was responsible, intercession matters are absurd, there's no intercession between person and the creator.
You are right but so is the meeting together of brethren. Anyway, mimi church siendi till the pandemic subsides to a negligible level


Elder Lister
Still watafungua tu,ndo hii cases inaendelea kupanda juu so watafunga hdi when.Lets be like Tanzanians wao wametulia tu hawana haraka.


Chief Lister
Hehehehe, nimeona mahali pamesemwa ati hao wako na cash reserves na congregation bado inatuma tithe na mpesa. Mkulima mdogo lazima afungue coz the only way kondoo atatoboka is thru threats na extortion