Ile siku nilikuwa karibu kukatwa katwa kama Burukenge


Chief Lister
Jifunze kuswim ndugu, I did learn how to swim whilst class 5, kwa one of the canals ya zile flowers farms za Nvsa. Was very deep! Would hang on a kibuyu to keep afloat. Swallowed a couple of gallons in that suicide mission. Perfected hata naenda diep kwa lake na boat,dive in napigia fishermen samaki into the net.
What was that experience like? Would you swim alone or with other kids?


New Lister
Crossing from La Marina to Shanzu was okay. On the trip back no one had told me that the oceans have currents too. If I hadn't been a good swimmer and would have been food for sharks


Chief Lister
White water rafting and the vessel we were using capsized. Almost drowned in freezing water after hitting my knee against a rock while the others (all white) laughed thinking it was a joke. SMH, why are we nyeuthis really bad at swimming 🤦‍♂️
Anyway, I was finally able to hold onto an oar and get out.
Kweli wewe ni dynasty!Next utatwambia vile uliangushwa na horse ukicheza polo na Man Giddy?!