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Pole sana but remember that for any pneumonia, covid should be the first suspect at this particular point in time.
That thing has taken so many people huko nyumbani , Im surprised people still doubt it's existence.
Pnuemonia is also a great and fast killer and being treated for covid instead of pneumonia is also dangerous


Chief Lister
First I would wish to say thank you to all Listers. Why you ask? Because for the last three weeks,this village and all its laughter and madness and vayolens has been a source of solace to me. You will allow what is seemingly a disjointed story line...it is confusing

On the third day of this month,we buried my 97 year old grandmother. She died of Corona. This we knew after results came back from Lancet in Nairobi but she had already passed. When my granny was sick,she and my mother went for tests and some lab neega somewhere declared that they had pneumonia. My mother started on the treatment regimen for pnuemonia but we decided to seek a second opinion which led us to Lancet. But by then,my granny was dead.
Her death prompted everyone else in the homestead to undergo test for the virus. Results came back and out of a possible 19 people who interacted with my granny,6 had Corona. Two sisters,two cousins,a nephew(these three all under 18) and my mother (initially diagnosed as having pneumonia).
What surprises me is how these diagnosis are completely off the mark. And it's not just Corona I believe. Other diseases are also misdigonised. Mark you,this is a third case of misdiagnosis in the larger family. Another relative died of Corona (post mortem results indicated the virus) after treating pneumonia for a long time. Are our lab technicians unqualified or what?

When I walk these streets,while not passing judgement,I shudder when I see villagers doubting the existence of Corona and or the efficacy of the treatments and vaccines. I pray,in my own way,that Corona doesn't not,in any way,shape or form,and at any time touch their lives and those of their loved ones,family and friends.
Anyway,they are all healed and others are on the way to complete healing. And I am on the way to getting over the shock of realizing that I might have had to bury 6 members of the family in a short duration.
Also going for my shots too regardless of what sense and nonsense is out here regarding this virus.
And to @Tiiga Waana big up homegyal. May the gods always light up your steps wherever you go.

I will be strong.
Pole , be strong and move on , hope you are all vaccinated . Ingine tuachie Mungu .

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Pnuemonia is also a great and fast killer and being treated for covid instead of pneumonia is also dangerous
I think you missed the part where they started on a pneumonia treatment regimen :rolleyes: my point is, during a pandemic the first line test for breathing problems should be covid.