How to grow your own chemical Free onions

Paul Kendrix

New Lister

Un used trough or cooking oil Jericans
Bulb onion or "leafy onion" you can use this than purchasing seedlings, just spare 4 to 6 stems
Soil and farm yard manure(i will show you in the next post how to prepare simple FM)

Fill soil into the trough and mixe thoughly with your Farmyard manure>Then plant your onions>Finally water them

Nb.always remember to water your small door garden

After 1week you will be plucking your first onion leaves.😊


New Lister
Normalize growing your own vegetable,, sisi wenye tuko gishagi tuko very lucky you can partition your land upande Sukumawiki, spinach, dhania, kitungu na carrot.