How to fast healthily

Fasting can be done for various reasons. It can be due to religious beliefs, losing weight, trying to eat healthy and other personal reasons best known to you.

For religious reasons, one follows a particular time and schedule depending on their beliefs.

Research shows that if fasting is done correctly, it can actually help someone lose weight, of course with the help of a professional nutritionist, this goes hand in hand with eating healthy.

If you're planning to practice the act of fasting(any kind), below is how you can do it smoothly without having regrets while at it or maybe start having eating in between fasting.

1. Take a lot of water

Dehydration may lead to dry mouth, unnecessary headaches, and fatigue. Staying hydrated helps you sail through the day while fasting.

2. Keep yourself busy

When you are busy, time tends to fly. You actually forget about eating. Try and talk to people, do the things you love and before you know it, you'll be done with your day.

3. Ensure you're well mentally

Psychological preparation before embarking on fasting is the most essential thing to do. One doesn't wake up and decide to fast. Have a plan on when you'll fast and the duration of fasting. This will make you fast without complaining about your fasting.

4. Have a reason for fasting

As I highlighted earlier, everyone has a reason for fasting. Decide on why you're fasting and it won't look like you're punishing yourself.

5. Listen to your body

By now you know how your body works, you understand when you are not feeling well and can't do without food. When you have such feelings don't fast. If your body allows you to do so, go ahead and fast.

6. Make your fasting time reasonable

Don't compete with Jesus, choose realistic period and time for fasting. From 6 am – 6 pm or your preferred time.

7. Don't overthink

To avoid overthinking your fasting, try and take a walk to easy all the tension, go to the gym or meditate about anything and everything.

8. Eat a small amount on fasting days

Try and eat a small amount on your fasting days to avoid indigestion. Fasting generally helps remove excess food and taking a large amount won't help reach your goal. It is also believed if you take a large amount, you might feel hungry more easily.

TIP: Women who are trying to conceive, people with blood pressure issues, adolescence are widely advised to keep off fasting.