Elijah Kîbandî The Corinthian


Elder Lister
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"Mwathiī kū agendi aya?" One evening in 1992 a small party passed by the house of Elijah "Kībandī" ( Elijah ""Kinyasa),who never wore long trousers thus his nickname Kībandī, at Ngarariga singing the Akūrinū hymn "twerekeire rūgenfoini." Elijah, a devout Mūkūrinū responded by singing "mwathikū agendi aya?" They exchanged stanzas of the song and after awhile Elijah opened his gates to his fellow Akūrinū, who wore turbans like his. He invited them in just as travellers were invited by people to their houses in the scriptures. Once inside, the faithful Akūrinū travellers ( agendi) drew pistols and robbed the very wealthy Elijah Kībandī.