Chakula ya senators


Chief Lister
Haha reminds me of this long road trip I made across Western Kenya sometime back through Nakuru, Koibatek, Nandi, Vihiga and ultimately Kakamega.
It was the rainy season, not ideal but then vile nilliona watu wanachangamkia the bugs including school-going kids', I had to appreciate the norms of a region as a good social anthropologist student would.

It was enlightening as the village mamas explained just how much more 'nguya' has in terms of animal protein. I tried a few fried ones, so, sooo yummy and I gotta admit and that makes me long for another trip like that deep into Ingo-land.

Also, our host lives near to Atwoli's actual rural home and the less I speak, the better coz the man is set for life as are his consecutive generations


New Lister
Catching them is simpler than illustrated. Just turn off the bulb, get a big sufuria put a torch in it and that is it
Ugandan 'nsenene' is caught in similar fashion but because it is more commercial (you can find in restaurants) M7 people invest heavily in catching them. Unaweza pata mtu na gunia kumi from one nights harvest.