Burner's Movie Reviews: Snake Eyes (2021)


Chief Lister
Do you like shaky cam? Not knowing what exactly is happening in fight scene? Faceless goons who will surround you but attack you one at a time? Colour grading so the movie is just a hue of yellows and blues? People getting their heads rammed full force into a concrete block and coming away unscathed? Some dude becoming a super ninja in a few days to at most a month?

Well you are in luck. Snake Eyes GI Joe: Origins (it's full stupid name) is entirely full of those things and more tropes. I would try to explain the plot, but i don't know what its about other than some vague revenge plot.

The acting is shit, the action is shit and the pacing is shit. If a sewer ever gained some sentience and wanted to make a movie, this movie would be the result.

🔥 burn out of 10.
Dont bother looking for it.

Fuck this movie.
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