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Lima kitu even if the primary market failsyou can take to any market na itoe pesa.
A neighbor was recently roped to plant flowers... Wakaniambia vile iko na pesa na nimafanya ujinga kulima nyanya, hoho na chilli... Told them to the first round and would join them later nikiona vyenye inaenda.
About 2 weeks the guy has been left with 3 acres of flowers coz jamaa wa market ameingia karura, na hajui kwenye anaweza uza hizo flowers.
Kumbe the guy aliuziwa mbegu za 180k and that was the con
So be very careful with all these schemes of fringe products that promise supernormal returns
Ni flowers zipi na ziko wapi, i know guys doing flowers around limuru and they are doing well..
Hata nyeri i think nimewahi ona
Weka hata kapicha kwa umbali
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I would look at a few factors... Like how long you have the land at your disposal, availability of water, climatic region/weather patterns, and the type of soil in that place.
This will inform what you can plant. If it is a place you can go visit regularly Hass avocados, macadamia, citrus and a few other fruit crops are giving people good money especially if you are a bit patient.
A visit to KEFRI offices can also give you pointers on what trees you can plant because timber, firewood, poles etc are ever in demand.
The possibilities are endless.