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    A.O.B Saturday 16st October 2021

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    A.O.B Friday 15st October 2021

    @Tiiga Waana nini mbaya?
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    A.O.B Friday 15st October 2021

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    AoB 121022

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    The Most Dangerous Lake on Earth

    The black and white pics look staged.
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    Ndakasi is dead

    That guy clapped those gorilla cheeks
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    All banks to mpesa transaction are down.

    Account balance na battery percentage
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    mary Magdalene

    That guy's writing is abysmal. I would read @Foxtrot 's non-erotic writings anyday before i ever read another dan brown book...or watch a movie/tv adaptation of his books
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    Pill to treat Covid-19.

    Wacha @Luther12 atuambie kama hizi ni dawa za ukweli Ama ulipewa dawa za kwashiakor. At least remdesivir i know is given to covid patients because of the pneumonia
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    Pill to treat Covid-19.

    Gani hii?
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    aOb 01102021

    I’ll send just the helmet basi
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    aOb 01102021

    NBA ni wale antivaxxers? @Mongrel scares me as much as that field marshall that used to try eat the smurfs in the cartoon not at all.
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    aOb 01102021

    @AU5 and @The.Black.Templar mbona siwezi attach picha? Im trying to send nudes to @Karma_mama inbox I keep getting a "server error. Try later" message
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    US conservation authorities declare 23 species extinct

    Say you are going to the honeymoon suite
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    US conservation authorities declare 23 species extinct

    @Missdee come i show you an ebony woodpecker. Its one of a kind.
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    Let's all get vaccinated

    Where's @Riva ? Still reading journals? Alidungwa ama anangoja bado?
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    Shipping from Japan

    To your door or whatever address you give. You can choose to go collect. Dont know where their offices are though never had to go
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    Shipping from Japan

    Never shipped anything from Japan. I ship from the US and UK but nothing big or expensive enough to draw attention from customs (usually books or toys) and hence taxes Shipping from those locations takes about 1wk including the goods being checked at customs and they deliver to you. Note: these...
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    Shipping from Japan

    Shop and ship they are affiliated with aramex.
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    Leo ni Members Day

    Nikujie bible study