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    Ona kûhaana ûguorî, Aviator come hear a song that I love to listen to!

    Dedication ya @Aviator...
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    Did you mourn?

    The demise of Mobdro? I was left shagalabagala. Really. Mobdro died on me when I was totally hooked on the historic sitcom, I Love Lucy. There was also the ever good Fawlty Towers, The Sopranos and a few others. But the others you can find them elsewhere. I Love Lucy, I can't find it anywhere...
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    Worthy reading
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    Clash of the titans

    When king cobra meets a rock python It was an early evening in April 2019. Summer was at its peak and the ground was parched. It was the time of year when king cobras start to breed and I had spent all day with the field crew, tracking a king cobra. At around 6.30 pm, while we were returning...
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    Mnaotumia kompiuta hii ni for you!

    With time, monitors have grown wider and wider to give us more space and more resolution for videos and gaming. Setting up your screen horizontally may come naturally to you—that’s how it’s shown on the box anyway—but when you’re working, it might not be the most efficient option. Flipping your...
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    Cat meets cat!

    Leopard comes face to face with a domestic cat Ubaya they are very mean with this video. There is no telling what happened after. To watch more eti you have to subscribe. Nani? Wakwende na huko!
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    Escape from Zion - hilarious!

    Eti they managed to escape from an Israeli maximum security prison!!!
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    Mind boggling mazematics

    How big of a nuke would be needed to disperse jupiter? I read something about jupiter then about nukes. Assuming that tje bigger a bomb gets the more powerful it gets, then how many miles/Kilometers long would the Nuke need to be? Please be serious.
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    Could a spaceship fly through a gas giant like Jupiter?

    By JoAnna Wendel 1 day ago After all, Jupiter doesn't have a solid core. NASA has plunged three spacecraft into gas giants. Two of them, Galileo and Cassini, were at the ends of their missions when they met their doom in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, respectively. But the Galileo...
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    No surrender.... Legends and Veterans who refuse to retire!

    Your favourite?
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    Ndangari, Gîtangari and all the derivations

    To us, Greeks, ndangari is simply a rag. Mostly dirty from being used to clean, dust or wiping. Worthless stuff by other meanings! Kumbe ndangari is just another of those foreign languages words that mean one thing in Kikuyu but have totally different meaning in the original language! Ndangari...
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    The most exciting planets to view are the 2 gas giants, and they are both up in the sky, now!

    @imei2012, I believe you have access to the military type binoculars. Wewe and all listers who own either a pair of binoculars or an amateur telescope, I wish I was you! Jupiter and Saturn are the brightest "stars" in the sky for some time tonight. Jupiter should be the brighter one.
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    I agree with this opinion about physical qwerty keyboard on a smartphone

    Why I will never buy a BlackBerry with a QWERTY keyboard again I’m passing on all physical QWERTY keyboards on smartphones, regardless of make or model. And I think you will too . One of the advantages (if any, I know: it’s a stretch) of growing older is that the older you get, the more...
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    Retrospective look at possible reasons why Abrahamic religions banned pork

    Bacon might be the greasy gastronomical craze of the decade in the United States, but in the Islamic and Jewish communities of the Middle East, pork has been off the menu for centuries. archeological and anthropological evidence shows that between 5,000 and 2,000 B.C., the domesticated animals...
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    Sabbath, the day God rested after a 6 day's very gruelling work of creation, never mind that the tiresome work was only uttering just a few words!!!

    Sumerians Look On In Confusion As God Creates World 12/15/09 12:00PM Lord God, Creator of All, caught thousands of Sumerian farmers and mathematicians somewhat off guard. Members of the earth's earliest known civilization, the Sumerians, looked on in shock and confusion some 6,000 years ago...
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    Some true heroic performance to celebrate

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    Although the number of smartphones with fifth-generation connectivity is growing rapidly, the technology is not as popular as one might expect. Many people have enough Wi-Fi connection during the day, some have enough 4G LTE, while others are simply not satisfied with the quality of the new type...