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    Tembea Kenya...

    Hiyo ya a whole year without tasting fish ni hogwash pure and prime! Siku hizi hata in Kikuyuland fish imekua more common than beef!
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    Tirops hubby nabbed in Changamwe

    Masten, and now Rotich, all down! Kangogo's record still rules supreme.
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    BREAKING: Masten Wanjala now lynched...

    And I noticed that they did not burn down the house this time. That to me is a civilized Mob, really!
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    Hapa ndio utapeli umefika?

    He sure is!
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    Hapa ndio utapeli umefika?

    Even without pretending they will still flock your church. Nga'ng'a never pretends.
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    Three weeks ago I mentioned this

    Sorry if I offended you. It was just a personal opinion. Next time I will keep it to myself.
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    Three weeks ago I mentioned this

    Sure! Sure, Mwalimu Mkuu. But there are times when wins don't count. If you don't attain satisfactory scores in a competition......
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    Three weeks ago I mentioned this

    Ubaya wa Baba na almost all of you his supporters, hua mwaongea kama ambao ni vitisho mnatisha watu. But mimi sina Ubaya kabisaa. I wish baba nothing but a huge success. But I know this... the success, if it is possible, will never be as sweet if he wins the seat without the votes from the...
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    mary Magdalene

    His is a very plausible story. It is much more plausible than the ridiculous ascension nonsense!
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    mary Magdalene

    Why is it wrong? Why?
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    types of conversations Kenyans never want to have

    A government, any government... all governments, indeed, are just pure-bred Mafias by pedigree.
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    Adam and Eve. And yet it is alleged that that snake was not a real snake but an other woman! images (30).jpeg A competitor of Eve's. Calling her a snake was just to slander the more beautiful and astute woman!
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    Nyani haoni kundule

    The way that dog looked at the writhing man with evident concern is really overwhelming!
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    Understanding Original Brands and Original Fake Brands

    Sometimes original becomes fake and fake becomes original. Original brand that became original fake - jembe la crocodile na jogoo and panga za diamond. Fake original that became original brand - tecno na infinix
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    Ona kûhaana ûguorî, Aviator come hear a song that I love to listen to!

    Dedication ya @Aviator...
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    Did you mourn?

    It was dedicated to i Love Lucy. So it went by that name.
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    US conservation authorities declare 23 species extinct

    No worries to the believers. In heaven, all extinct creatures(especially the cute ones!) will be brought back to life, never to be extinct ever again forever and ever!
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    halafu munasema anafuatwa because of chief hustler

    Very dirty, stinky man! I believe the ex-wife counts her blessings each dawning day for having dropped this degenerate from her life earlier than later!