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    Murder Most Fowl

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    AOB 241st Day of 2021

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    Burner's Movie Reviews: Snake Eyes (2021)

    Do you like shaky cam? Not knowing what exactly is happening in fight scene? Faceless goons who will surround you but attack you one at a time? Colour grading so the movie is just a hue of yellows and blues? People getting their heads rammed full force into a concrete block and coming away...
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    Burner's Movie Reviews: Slaxx (2020)

    Sometimes the premise of a movie can be so outlandish, so ridiculous you need to watch it. Ever wanted to see giant robots punch a monster in the face, hence Pacific Rim(2013)..want to see a man splice his dna with a housefly, you get The Fly (1986). Want to see a pair of jeans kill people, you...
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    Burner's Movie Reviews: Lake Placid vs Anaconda (2015)

    Ever wondered what would happen if the crocodile from the brilliant thriller Lake Placid (1999) went up against the giant snake that scared us in Anaconda (1997)? Well keep wondering because this movie answers none of those questions. The movie plot is pretty much a mystery to me as all...
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    Burner's Movie Reviews: The Suicide Squad (2021)

    Suicide Squad is a not a remake of the original one that appeared on our screens a few years ago. It's a sequel of sorts, but if you missed the first one, you saved some braincells and hopefully your time was better spent. This movie follows the same basic principle. Incarcerated criminals with...
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    The earth is not flat..and neither is the map.

    A nice guide i found on reddit.
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    Burner's Movie Reviews: Till Death (2021)

    Emma played Megan Fox, is married to a somewhat creepy lawyer who orchestrates an elaborate plot to have her killed. What results is a 90minute thriller with Emma battling to survive. Yes I know my synopsis is very brief and vague but I cant go into more detail without spoiling the movie. (Ps...
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    Burner's Movie Reviews: Space Jam 2 A New Legacy

    Its been over 25yrs since the last space jam. We all wanted a sequel back then and the good news is we finally got it. The bad news, it's a festering wound of maggotty trash. If this is the new legacy, then it died at birth. Space Jam 2 has Lebron James in the lead battling an algorithim played...
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    Burner's Movie Reviews: Black Widow (2021)

    The first marvel movie post-Endgame has Natasha Romanov and her sister working together to bring down the program that brainwashed her, her sister and others into becoming the martial arts super spies that all russian women in marvel movies seem to be. The piece is set sometime after Captain...
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    Epicurean Paradox

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    Kama Asante ya Punda Ni Mateke, ya Farasi je?

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    AOB June 6ndthst

    And people still think wrestling is fake 🤦🏿‍♂️
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    The Black Templar’s Weekend Action

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    AOB 6rd May

    When you go for @Pamba 1's Advanced Armed Response Course
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    Burner's Movie Reviews: Mortal Kombat (2021)

    The movie bases on the video game has finally been done justice! Right from the start you get into the action. Uppercuts and kicks, swords swinging, lightning announcing arrival of gods, and blood splashing about the place when daggers are plunged into heads. This is the mortal kombat we always...
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    AOB 23th Aqɿil

    @Introvert goes shopping.
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    Burner Movie Reviews: Nobody (2021)

    A good action movie about a retired black ops agent who has to go up against the russian mob over some grievances. It's similar to John Wick although the fight choreography is not as super-intense but entertaining nonetheless. No stupid overpowered stunts like fast and the furious and the...
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    Insurance-losing a phone...not for watu wa infinix

    Since some of us on this forum tumetajirika (hint hint @Female Perspective ) sana, Im certain we have insured high value items like our laptops, tvs and especially our phones. Now regarding our phones specifically, I have recently learnt something that may be of help when lodging a claim...
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    Popup ads

    @admin an @AU5 what are these shitty popup ads that appear in the middle of the screen when pressing a link/thread while using chrome on mobile? User experience is now suffering. Keep your adverts to the banners at the bottom of the screen.