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    Things have gone out of hand. Completely.
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    Calling Them Out - The Outright Lies

    Cc: @Ngimanene na Muchere
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    Zombie Frog,It's Not From The Grave...
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    Having Fun

    And some do take them seriously... But misemo nayo,dynasty backed group of schools type misemo.
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    Stealing From The Law

    Will the proverbial long arm of the law catch up with these ones? They stole from the bolice though I think is was opportunistic....
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    This & That - No Tagline Edition

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    The Dare Devils At It,Again.

    What's wrong with these bikers. @Introvert is this what they teach you Nairobi Afiation College?
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    This & That No Words No Bundles Mix Edition...

    And lastly,may the gods make sure that there is always light on your journeys...
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    Crazy Monday On A Friday

    Washina wana mambo... Very funny.
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    Blood & Tears Wachana Naye,Hakuachana

    If some one knows who this guy is,please tell me,I will buy him a beer. He's done what I have wished I had the guts to do Never had the opportunity...kalitamba in one of the expressway construction sites in Kanairo
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    This & That - Africa Edition

    This is Africa,like you never seen it... Sasa twende mchezo kazini...mosquito hazina bahati. Setting up this trap @Introvert you wish OTTH was as wise... Wise men these ones Wapi ile MIB inajiitanga oracle? Where was he? Never lose hope. You already passed step one @Pamba 1 is the same all...
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    Viewer Discretion

    Still trying to find out where this is.... And this one tried to commit suicide...
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    Effects Of Dryspell

    I do not know what forum to put this very 'interesting' read.Sex and relationships? Health and fitness? or Science and technology? What Happens To The Human Body Without Sex Sex is as basic as food. Well, almost. Once you get the taste of it, there’s no turning back. And even if you are the...
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    Live Sex - An Experience

    Some time back,Moi was still president,I used to earn a living as a clerk in a milk production plant. Worked 7 days a week for 6K a month paid biweekly. But pesa ya kuwaka(yes,that was the language then for binge drinking) was a lot since we even sold (on the side) spoilt milk to pig farmers...
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    Stolen From CCA

    I don't know but admean huko CCA is trying to create some order kiasi...some pretty good content is being put up in there. Chaos is still present but with a bit of very clear lucid moments. Like this one,I found quite funny...copied as was: 1. In 1972, the president of Zanzibar, Abeid Karume...
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    This Is Not Kikamba

    I might not know much about Kikamba but @Busaa Catalystica please assit...
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    This & That - A Little Dance And Food

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    Enemies Of The State

    How does this Nyakundi get this kind of info. I know some might say slander,libel and propaganda but some facts presented are too stark and undeniable... A long read.
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    Was 'Our' Kafment Conned?

    Now this is scary... Why is Europe denying the Indian version of the Astra Zeneca vaccine? Does is it mean it is not an effective vaccine?