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  1. It's Me Scumbag

    This is Guka - This is What The Oracle of Ndeiya Said Two Years Ago. Ignore the Oracle at Your Own Risk...

    @Abba (siku hizi yeye anaitw Busaa Catalystica) had warned about Cytton back in '18.
  2. It's Me Scumbag

    Late Lunch

    Like next utasema only two people are allowed to eat your road kill muturas...drunkards(they know no better) and flesh peddlars( thats the only animal protein they can afford)...
  3. It's Me Scumbag

    AoB Thursday 17rd Jun 20201

    Good luck...
  4. It's Me Scumbag

    Euro 2020

    Mnaonea hii game wrink gani?
  5. It's Me Scumbag

    Africa's Strangest Borders

    This means you already done the arimis route hence the need not to put it in the bucket list...
  6. It's Me Scumbag

    At Meria...

    There is a lot fiolence bubbling underneath these streets today
  7. It's Me Scumbag

    The world's oldest serial killer...

    And then she lives to be a 100. Methinks she killed more than the number quoted. By proxy. Clever beach that one.
  8. It's Me Scumbag

    Well Done Chris Kirubi

    @Afiator ataguluka...
  9. It's Me Scumbag

    Jubilee - ODM Coalition (2022)

    For clarity its not the OP I am talking of...
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    Late Lunch

    Kwani unaogopa? Vile mi niko saa hii...
  11. It's Me Scumbag

    Late Lunch

    Thank you.
  12. It's Me Scumbag

    Late Lunch

    Coz I am 13 years dry. 13 ferking years. But that doesn't mean that I can not buy or go to a club...
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    At Meria...

    @Meria huyu mzee unajua? Ni wa Guraya. Wachana na ya Arsenal
  14. It's Me Scumbag

    Ndeiya Fried Chicken

    You forget NBA is for all might have been siphoned off from the communal begging bowl to create NFC?
  15. It's Me Scumbag

    Mombasa road tumechezwa

    Niliona BRT iko inner lane. Na wanajenga stage in the median. Tell me,how are they go be operating? Wataweka mlango on the driver's side or what?
  16. It's Me Scumbag

    mobius 3 on the road

    Mwenyewe Shainaman ni copyright breaker number one,how will he bother na hii. You might surprised akijenga kama hii...
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    AOB June 8eenth

    Sababu like we always say; HAWANANGA AKILI!
  18. It's Me Scumbag

    Ndeiya Fried Chicken

    Jeiso.... @Introvert when did the inter stellar jump from Ndeiya Begging Association (NBA)to Ndeiya Fried Chicken (NFC) happen? Yaani begging can be that profitable?
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    I think that being under the influence of any mind altering chemical is a good thing at times....this guy is lit!
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    Why not?