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    Mug-u-fools the best thing to happen to TZ since sliced bread.

    Let madness not breakout in Tanzania even if there is rigging.
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    Pale Busia

    Huyu hata akizaa na the most beautiful Kamba lady...:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    The scumbag known as Magoha

    No surprises. Pesa ya kupima Corona walipewa na WorldBank but Kenyans wanalipishwa 7k
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    The Man who has been in Hiding for Three Decades

    Kulikuwa na mkenya alikuwa ameona Felicien Kabuga. Instead of collecting the prize alikutwa amekufa
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    What a Driver!

    The police land cruiser looks intact while the PSV looks...shouldn't the PSV also be unbondekable? There is a reason why you don't see these types of PSV in rich countries. They are death traps
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    Summary of Leaked BBI report

    Ongezea kura langu
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    Land Cruiser Goes Up In Flames At Beach...

    Ukiweka maji ya chumvi kwa engine hata mechanic atakuambia uiuze kama scrap. Halafu I think insurance company watakataa kukulipa. But kama ni Moto kwa engine watalipa
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    Land Cruiser Goes Up In Flames At Beach...

    Maji ya munyu kwa engine?:unsure::unsure:
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    Mashujaa Day - The Irony

    The other thing is that Jomo Kenyatta didn't really write Facing Mt Kenya. It was written for him. I have not read the book so maybe I am missing nothing
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    Ndindi Nyoro

    Brave woman. She gets a Dedan Kimathi award for bravery
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    The Truth Behind Fake Corona Numbers

    Last time the country went into lockdown was just before the BBI meeting heading to Nakuru where allies of Ruto were to speak. Hustler is becoming a major headache to that group that thinks they own Kenya.
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    The person who wrote set this exam is as thoughtless as a sufuria. What if one of the students taking the exam is a relative of Sharon Otieno?
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    kongamano La Mageuzi wameanza na miaki

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    In the headlines: BBI mpende msipende

    Wanjohi anajua itakuwa aibu kubwa gema wakishaikataa.
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    In our neighbourhood

    Kuna kitu Uhuru anafanya vizuri kweli?UG walikataa pipeline ipitie Kenya.UGand Rwanda walikataa mambo ya Kenya SGRMadeni ndio amejaza
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    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

    Sioni makosa. If my bro killed our mother hata yeye nauwa.
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    Crying for my country

    Vile umeambiwa hapo juu hii ni kionjo tu. Tuko mahali pabaya as a planet.
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    Last time the courts said no to the government. What has changed?
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    BBI report to be launched on Saturday, says Murkomen

    Can they use parliament to pass it? Their confidence makes me think they have seen a loophole
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    Broke Kenyans take a record 245Billion Fuliza loans

    At +30% interest rates, these loans are for those who never took interest rates maths in form 2