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    kongamano La Mageuzi wameanza na miaki

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    To run for president, governors to resign 6 months before

    Hii katiba si mchezo.
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    Equity Bank again.

    Wacheni ni wapee story about Equity bank and how I almost lost dad. In 2018 my dad entered Equity thika plaza branch and withdrew 300k but the teller kept going at back and was on the phone through out the transcation. #boycottEquityBank My dad did not detect anything wrong infact he walked...
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    Kivutha Kibwana - I will do better than Kibaki if elected president

    That is the headline on The Standard online. I have not signed up so I cannot read the whole article. Sidhani KK ataweza unless apewe 4 terms. Uhuru atawacha deni ya 10 trillion ++ a dead economy. Moi aliacha dead economy but tulikuwa na deni ndogo sana.
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    Hakuna matusi. Here is the video

    Saying Kenya does not belong to Uhuru Kenyatta and that Kenya goes not belong to Mama Ngina is not insult. ODM and Kieleweke and dynasty supporters are too desperate because Ruto is winning and they have run out of material to attack him on. They want Kenyans to forget about Covid-19 stolen...
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    Who are these 14%

    14% is 114 people. They missed the 411 that corruption fight is kelele za chura.
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    Touching a cow indecently 😲😲

    Kumbe Kameme bado haijakufa.
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    Andrew Kibe has spoken.

    Summary: The men are dying out here and nobody is talking about the collapsed economy.
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    Uhuru lookalike amepewa Nissan Note

    Maridady Motors Not bad
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    Harvard Conservative Professor Harvey Mansfield discussing Donald Trump

    Would you say that Trump sort of mastered tapping into voters’ temperaments? He appealed to people whom he identified, I think correctly, as forgotten or overlooked. People who were standing in line, waiting for good things to happen, waiting to share in the American dream, and they kept...
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    DPP orders arrest of Obado and his 4 children

    DPP orders arrest of Obado, his four children over misappropriation of county funds Obado allegedly received multiple payments through his children's accounts between 2014 and 2017. In Summary • According to a statement by Haji, Obado used proxies to benefit a total of Sh 73 million from...
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    Kisumu, Nakuru demos over Covid funds 'theft'

    The Star newspaper .
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    The Standard Newspaper wants readers to register

    Kuna mtu amejisajilisha?
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    Good information about Covid-19

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    Is the Mombasa port operational at this time?

    There is a project that needs a small machine from India.
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    Telkom and Google Loon balloon project

    Hii mradi ilikuwa ifanywe lini?
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    Chronology of national debt in Kenya

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    Jubilee senators will remove Murkomen and elect Gideon Moi?

    Na Murkomen is Jubilee while Gideon is KANU. What does this mean? Jubilee is officially dead? Can Gideon be majority leader when KANU has only 1 senator? Si hata afadhali they give majority leader to fence seater Sakaja because at least he is from Jubilee. ODM is still intact as the handshake...
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    Moshi imeanza kutoka, kwani handshake inachomeka?

    Senate Minority Leader James Orengo, his National Assembly counterpart John Mbadi, and Minority Whip Junet Mohamed, separately, but in what looked like a coordinated message, led calls for a proper response, telling the House to demand accountability on the use of coronavirus funds. “If it was...
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    I didn't know this is possible.