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    New England Journal Medicine Speaks Out In more than two centuries of publishing, the New England Journal of Medicine has never weighed in on a U.S. presidential election. That changed this week. On Wednesday, alongside its usual peer-reviewed...
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    Trump says the f-word

    @The.Black.Templar your favorite president was keeping it real on radio.
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    US Covid Deaths in Context

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has now claimed more American lives than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed during historic conflicts in Vietnam, Korean, Iraq, Afghanistan and World War I. While the aforementioned conflicts killed 155,072 soldiers, according to the Department of Veterans...
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    Developers Sought

    Some friends are looking for a developers with the following skills for a project: Web Application Development experience of atleast 2+ Years Expert in PHP, MySQL and Apache Skilled in Google Analytics, HTML5, CSS & Javascript Skilled in PHP Frameworks like CodeIgnitor Experience building web...
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    How bad is it on your end today?

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    Old-ass Movie Saturday: Cobra (1986)

    Stallone is the matchstick chewing, glove wearing shoot-first-ask-questions-later cop who specializes in getting the dirty job done. He is on the hunt for a serial murderer and will leave no stone unturned and no matchstick unchewed. He also doesn't blink. This movie is 80s hollywood to the...
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    What it feels like to earn like Bezos

    An interesting website that shows how quickly your net worth would grow if you were Bezos or Gates or the average american.
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    And they say wrestling is fake 😡

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    Senate Intelligence Committee - Trump Did That Shit The Trump Campaign Accepted Russian Help to Win in 2016. Case Closed. “Cooperation” or “collusion” or whatever. It was a plot against American democracy. From the start, the Trump-Russia story has been both eye-glazingly...
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    Madagascar lockdown

    You give a traditional medicine to a couple of people with covid and they they get better. You hail your medicine as a cure and roll it out en masse not bothering to do actual testing to know if the medicine or other factors are an explanation for your results. This is what you get...
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    @Meria this story of yours... being refuted as fake news. Your reporters need to do a little digging before posting. Last week you posted a long story about govt and knut saying schools will reopen in september and kids repeating classes, kcse and kcpe to be done in feb 2021 etc...
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    That 'wtf" moment...

    You can see her dying inside.
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    Hydroxychloroquine Woes

    Issue are popping up with the proposed cure for Corona even studies by the US aren't giving favourable results...
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    The Invisible Man

    Great thriller. Came out earlier this year. Definitely recommend 9/10
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    Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

    A decent animation with plenty of brutal kills and fatalities. Gets right into the action. You should be able to find it on torrents or whatever streaming app you use on android boxes. A nice way to kill 80mins. Too brutal for kids under 14.
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    Trump Halts Payment to WHO

    Drumpf amekasirika
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    Encouraging words for the ladies

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    When A Lister Turn Into Bonobo

    @Abba created a thread posted some video about some guy claiming 5G is responsible for corona virus ailments . Apparently "the frequency of the radiowaves are locking the oxygen in the air so it cant get into the blood that is why people are suffering from shortness of breath." Also everyone...
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    Kanisa Vs Corona

    Faith vs common sense. The results can be hilarious or dangerous & fatal. Then there's this fellow in France where things turned out way worse. "Thiebault Geyer said he wanted to say “sorry to God for...
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    Bad Boys for Life

    Wooooooo.....this is some hot garbage! Unfunny, the colours are oversaturated, everything explodes, plot is bloody ridiculous. Give it a miss if you can.