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    campaign fodder
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    I think she's a bimbo

    She forgot to say south Korea received huge funds from uncle Sam. Then they had ethical leaders
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    Wash wash haven

    Now explain in details to hasoras the implications of grey listing, or ni kelele za azimio .
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    Raha tupu, zero dvpt

    Move to britain then, stop whinning.
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    Africa's $80BN Mega Dam Plan

    Hydro is going nowhere, chinese are big in alternatives but they recently build the Three Gorges Dam . Project kama hii needs partner states in EAC to pool resources and each to be a shareholder in it. Then EAC will sort power challenges . There's an australian billionaire who is pushing for it
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    The US dollars we covet so much are backed by nothing

    USD is backed by the strongest navy currently in existence
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    He was a public figure, people must talk
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    Yani with all the millions, he couldn't date a better lady? Most likely this story is true and 95% she works in a local club where they met.
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    Burnely FC kali sana,
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    Broken window theory

    The broken window theory states that visible signs of disorder and misbehavior in an environment encourage further disorder and misbehavior, leading to serious crimes. Philippe Zambardo, a psychologist and a meeting scientist, conducted an experiment in 1969 that later became one of the most...
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    Dalia dippolito

    Women are great actors, this one was a very good one . for lovers of crime documentaries in YouTube watch coffeehouse crime
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    Kenyan Budget.

    Kumbe ni wa home yet he acts as if the farthest he has been is ruiru?
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    Raha tupu, zero dvpt

    Sawa birrionare, kwa sisi peasants 600m is game changer. I bet 3/4 of Kenyans will never see 1m in their account at their disposal in their lifetime.
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    AOB 21rd/02/20204

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    Raha tupu, zero dvpt

    It costed 450m to build but 600m to renovate yearly.
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    Kenya power logic

    Halafu , hustlers are very happy, next move