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    Anybody with current news about hurry quick trader investment to update me please
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    Has Joho ditched ODM for tanatanga?

    Likoni Member of Parliament Mishi Mboko on Tuesday 23rd June cleared the air on claims that Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho is on exit plan to decamp the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party. Speaking outside Parliament building, Mishi trashed the reports that surfaced online...
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    Celebration in Bungoma as an mp is jailed😭😭

    Sirisia MP John Walukhe may be the first legislator to lose his seat in Parliament after being found guilty of a criminal charge. The Anti-Corruption Court ruled on Monday that Walukhe and his business associate Grace Wakhungu defrauded the State after they altered an invoice and obtained Ksh...
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    China's covid vaccine

    The republic of China is set to donate covid 19 vaccine to Africa my question is can thi be a true vaccine really anwer back
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    Railas secret plan

    What of uf they win
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    Railas secret plan

    EXPOSED! Raila's Secret Plan To Pick Joho As DP As they prepare for 2022 elections some news as emerged that Raila my pick Joho the Mombasa governor to be his second in command coming 2022 presidential elections
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    The kisii sons battle

    Battle Of Kisii Sons Looms As Judge Nyachae Set To Join Uhuru’s Cabinet, Will Matiang’i Survive?