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  1. shocks

    Privatization: Pauline's take

    Its why I cannot bring myself to listen to Jimmy Wanjigi in his media blitz
  2. shocks

    Noma sana. And I warned you people in 2017

    Wueh, jangili zaidi, sasa all who will follow will try beat the record
  3. shocks

    Hii Kenya haiishi sarakasi na miigizo

    Or something else already in the press pipeline
  4. shocks

    Hii Kenya haiishi sarakasi na miigizo

    Stage managed kabisa, very likely trying to get ahead of some damning allegations
  5. shocks

    New car registration number

    Fiti sana baba
  6. shocks

    New car registration number

    a lucky sperm reached eldorado?
  7. shocks

    What's happening to our country????

    No engineer was involved in this, only perimeter fences and bungalow walls are built like this. 600-900mm footing! Jokes ndio mingi hii inchi
  8. shocks

    Car Thief Nabbed

    Seems like tunaishi very different realities na watu wengine. The last place niliona huge somes of money being handled bila security was in construction projects na siku hizi hata casuals are either paid by mpesa or equity bank
  9. shocks

    Mumias sugar roars back to life

    Ndio maana ule ndugu ya singh was threatened with death, so he stops competing with Mumias in buying cane from farmers. Farmers ndio wanaenda kuonyeshwa ile kitu, machozi loading... na tunaambiwa western will replace central votes in 2027
  10. shocks

    Somalia officially admitted into The East Africa Community

    This is a funny union, 4 out of 8 countries are at war
  11. shocks

    Solar power, Which is the best option?

    or the grid!
  12. shocks

    Solar power, Which is the best option?

    Ziko kwa soko already but from manufacturers who don't have track record. The big boys have promised their investors 2024 is the year
  13. shocks

    Solar power, Which is the best option?

    Use a hybrid inverter that supports batteries for now, when solar goes kaput they switch to kplc, don't buy batteries just yet. In a year or so sodium ion batteries will hit the streets, they will be cheaper than lithium ferrous and will last even longer.
  14. shocks

    Kuna Contractors Wanajenga Death Traps

    Hata nyumba ya kuku haijengwi namna hii bwana
  15. shocks

    freedom is here,again

    Does it come automatically from his COTU office?
  16. shocks

    Bottom up- How low can it get for Kenya Kwisha?

    ok muymv ok mm
  17. shocks

    Wana macho hawaonangi, wana masikio hawasikiangi, wana akili hawatumii

    Hehehe, naambiwa ni mwenyewe anajiramba, same guy excavating owns those houses, muhindi jangili.
  18. shocks

    Ati sirkal imefanyia nini Ann wa Mafuta?

    With the oil biz you have to have clearances from ministry of energy before financiers bankroll your cargo, there is no way she was able to load oil bila hizi, sahau hata cargo kufika kilindini. Sasa mzigo ikifika uskie story ya papers kugeuzwa, ati sijui mtu mwingine ametokea na papers, ati DCI...
  19. shocks

    Heart-breaking News Just in

    Worst case scenario, small denominations, hizo ni mafinje naona! Too bulky to move quitely
  20. shocks

    Kenya Kwanza MPs to Ruto- Mambo kwa ground

    Since conservation is the no.1 objective, conservation should therefore lead tourism / unmitigated access to this "national heritage". Tourism merely funds the conservation effort, and if you blunder and let the tail wag the dog, by over exploitation of the resource, tourism too will die if...