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  1. Young_Turk

    Russian UFO

    chemichemi za uongo
  2. Young_Turk

    The KCPE fiasco - The guava picker's take

    KK government. UNtested. UNworthy.
  3. Young_Turk

    Car Thief Nabbed

    Mimi nikiwa na foreign naenda Parklands nikiwa nimevaa overcoat na safari boots. Nikae kama niko maraundi. Inspector Gadget. Meanwhile kwa mfuko nikona KSH 1 Mill + in euros napeleka kwa bank.
  4. Young_Turk

    Why ? why?

    Wamesema nyama ni nyama. Gaddamit!
  5. Young_Turk

    The noise has yielded - Governors now have some money in the bank

    Na ya kulipa ile kaloan interest isakakupelekee mbio sana. :D
  6. Young_Turk

    Jaro Soja goes live on TikTok and Facebook showing his mother dying

    Sometimes especially when dealing with grief, preparing yourself for the passing of a loved one happens weeks before the actual day. So this is actually normal because the guy is preparing for his mother funeral.
  7. Young_Turk

    New international airport to be built next to JKIA, to be nabii's flagship project

    I can't believe these guys are in charge of a whole nation. What's really going to happen. KAA land WILL be grabbed, and this fictional airport WILL NOT be built. Bottom up!!! Hustler Hoiyeee!!!!
  8. Young_Turk

    Standing ovations and other stories

    As colonialists always do
  9. Young_Turk

    Mtukufu Lies Zakayo Kaunda Ungoman is just trying to fix the handchieth
  10. Young_Turk

    Another standing ovation

    Mr Promises telling more sweet things.
  11. Young_Turk

    Another standing ovation

    Sout Afrik is a failing state with no real consequences. NATO on the other hand ...
  12. Young_Turk

    Another standing ovation

    Whenever the colonizer is clapping for you, be VERY AFRAID!
  13. Young_Turk

    pesa inakuja, nabii is overworking

    Being poor and having zero financial skills equals more poverty. IMF wako kazini. Nothing personal.
  14. Young_Turk

    @Female Perspective

    missing my community bae @Female Perspective
  15. Young_Turk

    Bottom up- How low can it get for Kenya Kwisha?

    The United States and her allies?
  16. Young_Turk

    Nonsense that's not so nonsense...

    And later complain that there is brain drain. Just like their political father MOI did.
  17. Young_Turk

    Nonsense that's not so nonsense...

    I like how people believe that 'curtailing' the Mountain somehow will result in National Prosperity. If they succeed, then those who can, WILL emigrate from Kenya and those who can't will continue to live as they do now. Only difference is that there is a new idiot in charge And going by...
  18. Young_Turk

    Railaphobia doesn't sell anymore

    Lazima Raila ataibiwa tena. Kwani you guys dont know a pattern when you see one?