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    The Nigerian Email Scammer Who Stole Millions From Premier League Club, NY Law Firm, Banks

    Kuna time nilikuwa najibizana na hawa scammers. Those pretending to be a beautiful daughter of a powerfull minister looking for a guy to marry her in exchange of billions.
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    Watu wanaogopa corona zaidi

    Because they have been scared by the media and have been told to stay indoors, and because they can afford they go buy two more fridges amd stay indoors
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    Cheki Maneno - kujivunia Mkenya

    For a ride that started at exactly 8.08AM, this has been the most daunting ride i have ever done. Ndio tumemaliza and It will go down as a tale of epic proportions having covered over 110kms in a day.
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    Cheki Maneno - kujivunia Mkenya

    Hehe inaitwa promotion of the local kadogo economy
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    Cheki Maneno - kujivunia Mkenya

    Huyu jamaa ndiye amepata, damn, uko sawa bro, ama hapo ndio home? Tuko rende kubwa huku and we are dying out here sob sob
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    Cheki Maneno - kujivunia Mkenya

    Currently in progress. Guess mahali tuko. We are very far away from nairobi btw!
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    Nation Media Group Banae

    Kwani wameleta louis otieno?
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    Succeed Newshape

    Inadepend na gari yenyewe unataka
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    Excitement in Nyeri

    Bado uko na mguu wangu wa mbuzi, juanga hivyo
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    Excitement in Nyeri

    And guess who destroyed the kenya railways company? Yup babake Margaret Kenyarra
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    Oscar Sudi

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    Pedophile Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

    huyo mmama ndiye anaitwa girlfriend?
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    Excitement in Nyeri

    haha huyo jamaa at 0.13 ati anashow train ikuje tu kama matatu
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    Uhuru gifts Nzoia Sugar FC KES 2M

    ingekuwa ni ruto hatungelala
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    Watu Wa Series

    Nancy Mwangangi Can Gerrit
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    Be Brave.

    People are conveniently ignoring this because it does not suit their narrative.
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    Covid Joke No 8

    I forsee that if they scared @bigDog enough, he will quickly, freely amd without hesitation pay 350k to get vaccinated, hio ndio plan
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    Habari ndio hii Nattydread, Bigdog and Mwalimu G

    They would rather wait and pay 4k dollars to treat one patient
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    Findings of Hydroxychloroquine study in Detroit, Michigan

    Trump has been right all along