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    Safety Deposit

    Thank you guys Was for something in this range
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    Safety Deposit

    Thanks, but this one costs ziko juu sana
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    Safety Deposit

    Hii ni gani tena
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    Safety Deposit

    Wakubwa, which bank has the best terms for a safety deposit box to hold documents such as academic certificates, tittle deeds and such.
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    Ethanol worth Ksh.15M intercepted

    Not sure but I presume that this consignment could yield up to 35M in taxes when packaged in to 250/500/750ml bottles
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    Sasa tena hizi ni gani ?

    Crap! Why draw association between local religion with Christianity?
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    Lazima tu skume wiki

    Pole sana on your losses. This year was tough on tomato farmers. Tuta absoluta and very low prices. Don't think am going back to tomatoes again, thinking of doing Avocado
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    Christmas without Tusker

    Get your copy now
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    A.O.B. Thursday, 22rd December 2022

    Kumbe heaven iko Kirinyaga
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    Covid in China- The saga of having no herd immunity and shitty vaccines

    News on China by a Mhindi should be taken with a pinch of salt.
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    AOB 21nd Dithemba 20202

    Live and let live
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    Guka attacks and injures son

    Whats the backstory? An entitled brat or an unreasonable mzee?
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    Does not mean that the different angles are not from the same triangle
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    Leo Magazetini

    Arresting him with his eyes is being too kind! He deserves instant justice.
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    Asad Khan finally dies

    Wanaume tuko pambaya!!!! Release of Wambui Cohen set a bad precedent that a woman can kill their partner, easily get bail, fight the case from outside and get away with it. I bet there will be an upsurge of such cases. Sasa ni kulala na macho moja
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    This is Guka - Mathematically-Challenged Joho Cum Dumb Resigns...

    Resignation cannot absolve them from their crimes. The tribunal process should go on so that it unmasks their co-conspirators for the law to be applied.
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    Ever heard of this place? SON DOONG Seems magical

    A longer video
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    Andy capp(Roger Mahoney)

    Fare thee well, No one comes out of this thing alive. Lakini Sina haraka