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    Pombe sio supu

    I know a place with 8 wines shops in a row. And the favouriti drink is called blue Ice which costs 160 for I think 375 Ml bottle. Alcoholism is a serious issue in Kenya walaii. Pray for your kids elders. Like now high school kids wamejaa huko
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    July Poll (Final)

    August 10th there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in their households
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    Manchester United first signing announced

    Ronaldo to Chelsea loading, but he will upset our team balance and bring his ego dramas.
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    It's Me Scumbag: Farewell

    May he rest in peace and pole to the family
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    Manchester United first signing announced

    Ronaldo seems to be on his way out, probably headed to Roma or Germany. Man-useless kwisha
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    How Rose Kimotho lost ‘K24’

    This sort of thing happens all the time
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    In the headlines

    That Nation headline wuehh Moto kama pasi
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    A moment of silence for those tirries

    Wait .... what ?? Mr 150 are you ok?
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    Sylvia Mulinge to MTN Uganda I hope bloggers like Cyprian nyakundi won't mess it for her like they did when she was to join Vodacom Tz
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    Look at Tanzania, man!

    Amazing. Have you seen the Azam stadium, owned by Bakhressa the richest man in Tz? Nothing close is found this side of the world
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    Watu wa Liverpool hamjawahi chill
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    Uyu anatafuta kifo sana

    Leave Mr Ng'ombe alone
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    Policeman dies in girlfriend’s bedroom.

    Blue pill manenos. Kama wewe ni team shot 1, embrace it and jikubali. why should you try please someone ati shot 5.. why
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    Nyoro to step down and endorse Kabogo in Kiambu - True or false?

    I thought kabogo was leading in opinion poll at about 35% followed by wamatangi in the mid 20's? Kuria ata hajafika 5%. He should have tried to retain his parliamentary seat
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    WRC 2022. KENYA.

    Wahh ok, haha chungeni madem zenyu hii weekend, Subaru mboys on the prowl
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    Breaking news

    Madem mtarudia kuvaa cups at this rate.. ni Ku ndialala.
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    Watchdog probes steel companies over price-fixing

    This is facts, I can personally confirm. From late Jan to April the hikes were insane, almost weekly
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    WRC 2022. KENYA.

    There isn't much hype,.maybe msoto has hit folks.
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    Recovery of Firearms in Kilimani

    Ni kubaya if wash wash gang members are unable to pay rent. Sembuse the rest of us normal mortals? Btw I went clubbing last week and the 2 joints we hit had maybe 25% occupancy max